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Submissions will be contacted in late January, 2022 to be booked starting in March, 2022.

Currently the books are closed.  Submit your idea below OR join the mailing to be notified of when new clients and pieces will be accepted. ***PLEASE NOTE*** dark particles submissions will be accepted and take high priority.  All other submissions may or may not be booked.  This is typically due to the piece being out of my wheelhouse, in which case I can point you to another artist.


Dark Particle tattoos are for the open-minded who are willing to place trust in my creativity.

The idea is simple - pick 1-3 words from the list below and I will create a tattoo for you. Please acquaint yourself with my portfolio. My work spans a spectrum of black and grey tattoos - from realistic to pointillism to traditional American blackwork. If you do not like my take on these styles then this may not be for you. Please use the contact form below or email with the following details:

  • your name
  • your 1-3 words from the list
  • placement of the tattoo
  • approximate size of the tattoo

Please note scheduling these tattoos is my priority and will be booked at my earliest availability. As with any appointment I do require that a small deposit be made to secure your appointment. While most of the creative control will be up to me, I will not be absolutely inflexible and if you are not feeling what I've come up with there will be no harm, no foul. However I will keep your deposit and design as compensation of my time. There is a $250 minimum for these pieces, no maximum, they can be single or multi-session all depending on size/placement/budget/etc.

This is meant to be a fun exercise in trust and artistic exploration. For some words I may need more information and will ask if so. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and I'm always open to consider additions to the list.

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