Mental Health Resources

Hey folks, if you're struggling with mental health issues - depression, anxiety, stress, or addiction/substance abuse I've put together a few resources that have helped me out in the past few years.  I know getting input from some tattooer on the internet is likely not the first place you'd think to look, though I remember when I first really started to try and understand my issues and seek self-improvement I looked to artists and people similar to myself.  I saw how they navigated these things and took what I could to help myself. 

If you're feeling isolated and you're struggling, always know that you are not alone.  As long as you're alive and breathing there is hope for a less fearful and more peaceful mind and way of living.  There are many tools out there to help and these are just a few that continue to help me out.

These can be bit heavy on the recovery side, though the main point to me is understanding and healing trauma whether it has bred addiction of any kind or not.



Here are few of my favorite podcasts and episodes.

That Sober Guy Podcast

SGR Ep97 - The Truth About Racism and Why It's Against Human Nature Not to Love W/ Tad Stringam


The SHAIR Recovery Podcast

SHAIR 148: Smile Now, Cry Later with Freddy Negrete


Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast

OPC 005: Cole Chance – A Path to Healing and Wholeness


Dopey Podcast 


Other Tools

One on one coaching helped me heal.  Omar is killer and I'll alway be thankful for his help.  He hosts an online recovery community as well.

Omar Pinto Coaching 


That Sober Guy.  Shane Ramer also hosts an online recovery community and has courses available on his site.  His podcast is where I started.  Super relatable to me personally and always on point.

That Sober Guy


Meditation.  This is a huge part of every day for me and there are many options paid and free out there.  This is just what I personally have used and like.  My favorite courses have been the generosity and self-esteem packs.




For me this was skateboarding and BMX. Both things I did as a kid before alcohol. Other things could be sports, etc.


 Online Meetings

Available for addiction and depression/anxiety. Google search 



In person or online.



BOOKS (physical and e-book/audible)

The Drama of the Gifted Child by Allison (about Loving as a sensitive person. Trauma)

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabir Mate (about addiction, reframing how we view addiction and trauma)

Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate (on ADHD, how it develops and how to live with it, also on trauma)

The Tools by Phil Stutz (this is also a documentary on Netflix - "Stutz." Good practical tools that can be used immediately)

Waking the Tiger by (healing trauma and physicality)

If you're struggling out there please reach out to someone.  There is help. 
You are not alone.  Life is worth living.